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SOUTHERN CRUISERS GROUP SAFELY RIDING GUIDELINES         (Written by Southern Cruisers for Southern Cruisers)

The intent of these SAFETY guidelines are to provide the Southern Cruisers Riding Club Chapters and SCRC members information to help to ride together safely.  Please keep in mind that these guidelines are not intended to restrict your freedom, but instead, to help ensure that we all return home safely.

These guidelines cannot encompass every possible set of circumstances, and they are intended to serve as a basic guide for most situations.  Each person is therefore expected to read, understand, and apply these guidelines, using their best judgment.

Please remember that YOU have the ultimate responsibility for YOUR safety, and always ride within your capabilities and that of your machines.

While this guideline states that the Road Captain is in charge, it is the 1st Officer and/or the 2nd Officer of the Chapter that are overall in charge of their chapter and all functions concerning the chapter.  This includes rides.  All the officers should be intimately familiar with this guide and the safe riding practices.



1)   The Southern Cruisers Riding Club considers safety to be the most important feature of any ride. Given the nature of the club's free structure and that membership in the SCRC is voluntary; at no time does the SCRC accept responsibility for any rider's actions or lack of action before, during or after a ride.

Each individual rider is 100% responsible for:

        a) Safely operating their vehicle in accordance with all applicable Federal, State and local laws.
        b) Making sure that they and their vehicle are un-impaired, and are currently functioning safely.
        c) Making sure that they can perform and maneuver safely in the riding environment that they are in. Should they be not 100% sure of their ability in the current ride, they must remove themselves from the situation. At all times, each rider must ride within their capabilities.
        d) Section (a) - (c) above and thus, ultimately, their own safety, actions and/or lack of action.  It is the duty of every rider to make sure the environment is safe for themselves as well as for other riders. In doing so, every ride will be as safe as possible.


2)    The Southern Cruisers Riding Club does not condone drinking and riding. Anyone participating in a Southern Cruisers ride or event who consumes alcoholic beverages or any other substance that may impair their ability to operate a motorcycle or any other motor vehicle does so without the consent of the Southern Cruisers Riding Club. Everyone that participates in a Southern Cruisers ride or event must follow the laws regarding driving under the influence set forth by the state(s) within which that ride or event will take place.


3)    The Southern Cruisers Riding Club requires all members to follow and observe all State and Local Laws while participating in a Southern Cruisers Event.  The Southern Cruisers does not condone any illegal activities or practices while riding in or holding an event or ride including but not limited to parading and road blocking.   Whenever possible, event or ride organizers will coordinate with their local law enforcement or department of  transportation for their assistance in road blocking for large processions.  If law enforcement assistance is not available, large groups must be split into smaller groups that will be manageable without blocking any intersection, streets or drives.  Any violation of this article will be reviewed by the Board of Directors and/or the National Officers and could lead to dismissal from the Southern Cruisers.


4)    Any officer recognized by this constitution for the Southern Cruisers Riding Club may dismiss anyone participating in a Southern Cruisers ride or event if they are endangering the safety of ride participants. Ultimately it is the individual’s responsibility to maintain themselves in a safe and lawful manner.



A)   As mentioned previously, it is assumed that all riders will come to the ride with a well-maintained motorcycle.

B)   All riders should show up with appropriate riding apparel for the weather conditions.

C)   All group riders are encouraged to bring a well-stocked tool kit to all club rides.

D)   All group riders are encouraged to bring a well-maintained first aid kit to all club rides.

E)  The SCRC Road Captain should bring the following to the ride:

1.      First aid kit.
2.      Route maps
3.      Route information.
4.      Cell phone.  If a Road Captain does not have a cell phone, he or
she will locate another group rider who does (obviously, subject to availability), and designate that rider as the 911 caller.


A).  In the event the group comes upon the scene of an accident or if someone in the group is involved in an accident, the Road Captain will stop the group at the earliest possible moment (keeping with known good safety practices).  It may be necessary for the group to disperse and park separately to avoid creating additional hazardous conditions.

B).  Members of the Southern Cruisers will provide assistance in any practical way possible, including, but not limited to:

1).  Slow, divert, or stop traffic in a safe manner, using flares if available.

2).  Aid and comfort those involved.

3).  Call 911 to notify the Police, Ambulance, and or Fire service as the situation demands.

4).  Maintain order and preserve the accident scene for Police investigation

5).  If possible, take photographs.

6).  If possible, obtain license plate numbers and vehicle descriptions, including driver descriptions in the event of a hit and run violation.

7).  Obtain names and addresses of witnesses, if necessary.

8).  If possible, maintain overall control of the situation until relieved by the proper authorities.