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Member Participation

Definition of a member: “Somebody who belongs to and participates in a particular group by birth or choice”.  Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary.


Expected member participation for our Chapter must be as follows:


1.     Attend a Chapter ride at least once in 3 months.

2.     Attend at least 4 meetings a year (unless excused by one of the (RC’s or Officers).

3.     Attend minimum of one of our SCRC National or State events annually:

a.     SCRC National Rally

b.    VA State Rally

c.     Meet and Greet

d.    Fun Run


SCRC is a motorcycle riding club.  It’s not a, computer club, social club or an eating club with a motorcycle riding disorder.  SCRC has nationally established requirements about riding that as members we need to follow.  In addition, Chapter Officers have obligations and conditions to meet in order to manage membership.  SCRC members are free from:


·         Commitments (Hazing, Prospecting, Initiations or Colors).

·         Brotherhood MC clubs with strict hang around rules.

·         Paying Dues

·         Charity Obligations

·         Bar Hopping Requirements


·         We “DO” expect that you’ll ride with us at least once in a while. 

·         Our Road Captains make time to organize rides for everyone’s enjoyment.

·         “It’s why we ride.”
If you have anxiety regarding “Group Riding”, please contact me or one of our Officers to schedule a confidence building session.  Reach us via the forum.